1200kW Natural Gas Generating Set

1.  دور در دقیقه نامی : 1000r/min ؛

2.  حالت برق : سه فاز چهار خط ؛

3.  شروع حالت : کاربر با شروع / 24DC با شروع ؛

4.  خنک کننده حالت : بسته شده / آب نیمه باز سرد می شود ؛

5.  مصرف گاز : ≤ 0.33m3/kW.h ؛

6.  مصرف حرارت : ≤ 11500 kJ / kW.h

Description of Generating Set

  1200kW natural gas generating sets(1200GF-T) are powered by model H16V190ZLT-2gas engine produced by our company. Complying with National Standard “GB2820 General Specification for Industrial Frequency Diesel Generating Sets” and with reference to “IEC34-I” rotary generator standard, the sets are equipped with high quality alternator of both home & abroad and self-made control panel according to customers requirement.H16V190ZLT-2 natural gas engine is adopted advanced governor of American WOODWARD Company. It is the engine that mixes air and fuel before turbocharger. The power performance, fuel economy and reliability of the gas engine reach world advanced level by adopting world advanced outer mixing mode, electronic control technology and lean-burnt strategy.This 1200kW gensets have the features of accurate voltage regulating, good dynamic performance, less voltage waveform distortion, high efficiency, compact structure, easy to maintain, low speed, reliable and long life operation and cost-effective.The 1200kW gensets can either transfer electricity directly to load or be combined in a power station with two or more than two sets. They can be used as normal and stand-by power in oil field, factory, resource development base, etc

Main Specification of Genset

Control Panel

Control panels for diesel generating sets are used to control the electric energy transporting of generating set. They have the functions of under-voltage, over-current, auto speed governing and reverse power protections etc. Meanwhile, they can monitor the speed, water pump, oil pump, oil pressure and exhaust temp of the engine. And also they are fitted with sound and light alarm devices. 

Main Specification of Engine

Technical Data of Alternator